Lasnaro Agrovet Pvt Ltd

Company Profile

Lasnaro agrovet pvt Ltd is founded in 2014 by Mr Narendra Patidar at Nasik Maharasta. His Dream to works for Farmers benefit Company also have factory unit in indore Madhya pradesh. And we are manufacturing more than 30 producs with unique formuation. And company have also retail franchise in the Name of lasnaro Kisan Bazaar pvt Ltd. Company distributed franchise all over india. And Deals all agro chemical and silicon based spreadera in bulk Company also Dealing in Job work for other company as customized customers requirements.

Reserch & Development

We are Research based company in organic Agri input products and center india leading manufacturing company of super silicon Spreader. Work on unique formuation and Result oriented Products. Check on groud leble result and Identified crops problems and reserch solutions according. We have well experience Team for Quality check and research. Compay have allocated budget to continues Reserch on Products.


To work for farmers and there benefit only. And maintain High Quality with effective Cost. And support our associats and company on all level for making big Brand with Highly Qualitative Products.


We nevert break Trust and Never Degrade Qualite in any situation.



Super Fast Spreading

Our Super silicon Spreader is work Super fast Spreading on whole Leaf within seconds .

Highest penetrating

Our Product has Highest Penetrate Quality Means work As deeper pass in root cannel of Plant and Approach Chemical as Much as deeper in plant and work effective .

Leaf circulation technology

Our Product work on leaf circular technology means spread all around on Plant leaf , branches and Soil also means Reach out whole plant leaf .

Third Generation based spreaders

Our Super silicon Spreader is formulated on new third Generation based spreader which work faster and penetrated than other second generation spreader. Made from three New Molecules. And also have active content maximum.